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I don't just work in bridal! I also offer occasion makeup and hairstyling. I also host 1 to 1 makeup lessons for those who are interested in learning more!

Other services


Occasion makeup and hairstyling

£70.00 per service

Whether you're attending a wedding as a guest, going to the races or celebrating prom night, I would love to do your hair and makeup!

Makeup lessons


A 1.5 hour 1-1 appointment with me, where I take you step by step to creating a beautiful makeup on yourself. I will show you how to get the most out of the products you already own, as well as recommend lots of products that I think you'll love (as well as lots of cheeky discount codes). You will also go home with a personalised face chart, and each step outlined in depth. Perfect for anyone, at any age!


Contact Me

If you are interested in booking me for either of these services please complete the contact form below, or email me at

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