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International Weddings

I am always asked how far I will travel, and the honest answer is I will go anywhere!

I am so lucky to be in a position to offer my services internationally. I have been lucky to work across the UK as well as all the over the world. 

Destination wedding
Santorini, Greece wedding
Destination wedding
destination wedding
International wedding

International weddings are becoming so popular, and I can totally see why! Combining a wedding with a holiday! Yes please! Plus its a wonderful excuse to have an intimate affair with your nearest and dearest in the dreamiest of locations.

Many destination brides are choosing to fly their chosen hair and makeup artist to their wedding location in order to ensure they look their best on the wedding day. This is preferable to hiring someone local as it means there are no language barriers, and they can have a trial ahead of time. 

If you are getting married abroad, I would love to be your bridal hair and makeup artist.

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Lake Como | Edinburgh | Santorini | Tuscany| Lisbon 

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